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Why female friendships rock

Rebecca Sweeney highlights why investing in your girlfriends is really really important. 

In a recent interview, TV actress Angela Griffin sparked debate when insisting that your female friendships are absolutely of equal importance as your marriage. Albeit an incredibly strong claim to make, Angela is clearly a girl’s girl and here at Debut, we love that and could not agree more that female friendships require work, time and most importantly, genuine support.screen-shot-2016-03-17-at-11-33-48

Female friendships have been the bedrock of women’s lives for as long as we have existed. In early eras marriage was often a financial decision made within a family as oppose to a love story, and so female friendships were the biggest form of honest, selective companionship. For many women, friends are the primary partners through our lives as a whole; forming friendships in the earlier stages of life, seeing us through adulthood and everything it has to offer (good and bad) and, if we’re lucky, remaining with us until the end. Female friendships are often our strongest support systems and ultimately a wise investment in your health and well-being. Griffin, therefore, is of course right to suggest that our female friendships should be cherished.

Friendship groups do not have to consist of lots of people, they can be a small and intimate circle that just gel. Finding the kind of personalities most suited to you can sometimes be a difficult task; it can be time-consuming and challenging and as people change and grow, so does your friendship circle. But there is no better feeling that when you find your tribe. These friendships will see you through the brightest moments and the darkest days of life, therefore spending a little more time with your friends, supporting them and showing how much you value the friendship is one of the best ways to spend your free time (and if you haven’t got much free time right now, your tribe will understand.)

Throughout life, there will be those inevitable relationships with partners that are all-consuming, where you want to spend every day with them, and may naturally neglect other aspects of your life for a while. Friends will understand that and accept the role of second best if the friendship is true, but naturally there comes a time where you need to nurture the friendship too.


It is important to note that seeing your friends all the time is not essential to maintaining the bond that you share, and naturally, as time progresses you will see them less (unfortunately school or university does not last forever and the big, wide world awaits!) However, this should only make your get-togethers more special, and if they are filled with love, laughter and support, you cannot go wrong. Losing a friendship can be like a break-up, and to avoid that, always make time for your girlfriends. During busy times in life spread your wings and allow them to do the same, but remember to always return for there is nothing better than spending a night with the girls, putting the world to rights over a bottle of red and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s.

Words: Rebecca Sweeney

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