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Who run the world? Bloggers.

In a totally unbiased way, I can, as a blogger say that the blogging industry is currently determining the way the world works (yep not biased in any way or form). Times have changed, and the world no longer looks at only movie stars and models for inspiration but instead they turn to bloggers to see what’s in style.

The blogging community is forever growing and is now so big that there is literally a blogger waiting for your every enquire, almost like a little answering machine ready for your questions; all you have to type into google is ‘what movie should I watch’ and a film critique blogger will have a post ready and waiting for you ’10 movies you have to watch’.


Magical really, isn’t it.

Struggling to find somewhere to eat? The food bloggers will tell you what combination of avocado is currently slaying the breakfast game, or what restaurant has the latest food fad. Then there’s the book bloggers, the wonderful book bloggers who know the best books for your preferred genre; fancying a light summer read and they’ll send you in the direction of Sarah Dessen with no hesitation. Obsessed with the travel bloggers of the industry? I know I am. They’ll leave you wanderlust with blue sea envy – and informed with the best sea villas in the Maldives. The infamous fashion bloggers, well, we’ll tell you what clothes are on trend, how to make old clothes on trend or how to just not care about trends in general. The point i’m making (in a ramble of words) is that nowadays people reach out to their favourite blogger to find what they’re looking for, knowing they can trust this blogger to always be truthful when talking about a product whether that be a new lipstick or a new pair of shoes, they know if this blogger says the lipstick is worth the money then the product is without a doubt worth the money.

One of the main attractions to bloggers, in my opinion, is that people trust bloggers. The level of trust may have something to do with the typical blogger style of writing – personal and engaging – or it could be the idea that a blogger is alike any other person; no-frills, no glamorisation, just them and their passion that they get to write endless amounts about. The whole idea of blogging, is that you get to create your own little community within a wider community, people get to follow your fashion, your eating habits, your favourite books of the moment, they just get to follow your life in general – and they enjoy it. People latch onto a bloggers life, they enjoy it when a blogger writes a personal post because it creates personal level between a blogger and their audience.  

I find that there is something so relatable about bloggers, now don’t think I’m saying this just became I am (a blogger), but ‘as a blogger’ I know that we write to our audience. We address them as if we are having a conversation over a cuppa’ tea and a pack of chocolate digestives, it’s all chit-chat and chill, no pressure to impress only the need to share funny asides and talk about common interests – like old friends.

So, why do you think the bloggers are running the world, you may ask. Well, in simple terms I can say, with no hesitation, that we run the world because we are passionate, hard working, creative, and we’re doing what we love – whether that be writing about fashion, beauty, food or books – we write what we know and our enthusiasm shines through our words. We run the world because we’re relatable and people can understand that there is no motive behind what we do other than that we enjoy doing what we love – ‘E!’ even brought out a tv series following around a group of lovely australian fashion bloggers – So, bloggers run the world because they create communities, they are trustworthy and tend to stick to a ‘no bs’ policy and last of all – the world just tends to stop and listen to them because, let’s be real… what’s not to love about bloggers?

Words by Maija Lily
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