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The unofficial guide to getting your s**t together

As October comes to play and summer ends, we all should take notice of the change and embrace it for a new. New beginnings, new starts, new relationships and dare it to be new dreams. As the Fashion world gears up for the commencement of a new season, it seems that the key to regaining focus is beyond a new wardrobe, and is much rather a new way of thinking.


This time of year is important for many generations, school begins and graduates find their feet. The importance of regaining focus (after the layback summer circa 17) starts with clear goals and not the unrealistic new year’s resolution that evaporated Jan 5th, 2017. We’re talking about the goals we set to lead us to the next obstacle to conquer, start a new blog? Get your drivers licence? Start doing yoga? Or make up for lost time with those close to you. Anything that feels too far to reach and sits at the very back of your mind, I’m afraid it’s time to face them.

Studies prove that those who are prone to extreme procrastination should start off by simply writing down one’s first goal, check? Now, decide your perimeters, the tools you need are one more piece of the puzzle. Finally, start small, ease your way into completing the task one step at a time, eliminate your distractions and reward yourself (for a moment) when you complete your first conquest.

Creating an empire, starting your dissertation or applying for universities can all feel overwhelming when faced head-on, but they feel so heavy because they carry so much importance. Deciding to take that step is actually the first step already taken, so congratulations. Keep going.

Words: Dilpreet Taak
Instagram: @dilpreettaak



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  1. What an inspiring post!
    I’ve been a fan of yours only from your newest issue to be completely honest, however, I am already hooked. I’ve read almost all your articles on this site and re-read my Happiness issue probably more than 10 times, haha. It is so incredible to finally have a magazine dedicated to happiness, confidence and success, to make you feel inspired and motivated, powerful enough to do anything you want as a woman. Thank you! can’t wait for the upcoming issues.

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