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The Importance of Holistic Skincare

The evolution of skincare has made a considerable crossover into the world of wellness. With our skin often being a reflection of what state our bodies are in, we can more often than not take a holistic approach to our skincare. Holistic approaches take into account the body as a whole and is an ancient practise that goes to the root cause of an issue you may have. 

Holistic Aesthetician Shani Hillian complied a guide of what she wants people to know about holistic skincare and why it’s so important.  We’ve put together her most important tips and lifestyle changes that you can make to get to the root of some of your skincare woes. 

Feeling a bit wobbly? 

Holistic skincare comes from understanding the imbalance in our bodies as a whole. With the skin being the largest organ of the body it’s important to secure ‘flow’ within our bodily functions for optimal skin. As well as physical lifestyle changes, a holistic approach also relates to spiritual connection and ensuring they are aligned. This can include stress and energy imbalances which is often something that is overlooked. 

‘We are what we eat’ 

The globally coined saying, ‘we are what we eat’ could not be more apparent within the holistic world. Consuming healthier gut foods will do the world of good for our skin. Choosing probiotic and water rich foods such as cucumbers, peaches and courgettes aid our gut in ironing out the imbalances in our digestive systems which is then reflected in our skin. 

The sciency stuff 

The skin microbiome is the bacteria ecosystem on our skin’s surface and work hard to guard our skin from the outside world. The use of topical ingredients can give this ecosystem a helping hand. Using natural ingredients within these treatments reduces our chance of irritation. Opt for ingredients such as lavender, honey and aloe vera. 

No pain, no brain 

Tapping into our mental health is important for a skin and is integral to holistic approaches. The ‘stress effect’ is something that Shani outlines as wreaking havoc on our skin of not properly managed. Although stress is inevitable, it can manifest and alter our body, from digestion to our skin and responding to that stress is something we can try to control. You can try herbal teas and mediation as an easy way to tune mentally back into yourself.  

The nature of the foods we put inside of our body can make or break our skin care. Sometimes taking it back to basics and consuming more raw foods means that the nutrition we are getting into our body are guaranteed. By simply reaching for some chopped fruits or raw veg as a snack instead of processed foods, you can make your digestive system’s job easier and your skin will thankyou for it. 

These tips are an amazing place to start your holistic skincare exploration. Let us know what you think. Tag us in what you try on Instagram.  

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