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What the F? Why it’s time to indulge in the F-rating

maxresdefaultAutumn is here and as the days get shorter, colder and greyer, we suddenly have a lust for hot chocolate and ‘Netflix and chill’ again. Movie marathons become our favourite pass time, so as you scroll through endless titles to indulge in, why not go for something with an F rating?.

Wondering what the F it means? The F- Rating was born at the Bath Film Festival in 2014 and four years on, is now part of over 80 organisations. However, we still don’t hear about it enough and know exactly what it is. Speaking of the term, Head of Bath Film Festival, Holly Tarquini, who is also a director and producer, describes what the F really means when it is attributed to a film.

“The F-Rating is applied to all films which are directed by women and/or written by women. If the film ALSO has significant women on screen, it receives a TRIPLE F-Rating, our gold standard. The rating allows audiences to “vote with your seat” and proactively choose to go and see F-Rated films.”

Tarquini, has identified a way to highlight to a potential audience the imbalance in the film industry. From blockbusters to creative independent films, the F-Rating credits women making it work in an industry where mostly men rule. By going to a film that’s F rated you are supporting women and making it possible for them to succeed in a world where they have always played a minor character.

1_kwk-I22DJvA6LJO8c_fMegAccording to Women and Hollywood, a group that advocates for gender diversity in film, of the top 500 grossing films of 2017 only 18% of the directors of these films were in fact, women. In regard to those on screen, only 34% of actors with speaking parts were women. These figures prove why it is so important that the F-Rating exists.

Some popular big-time triple rated F films include the likes of Frozen, Mamma Mia, Halloween, Oceans 8, Twilight, American Psycho and Bridget Jones’s Baby. These are big films in which women contributed to in nearly every aspect, which is rare for Hollywood.

The good news is that The F movement and Women, and Hollywood aren’t the only organizations out there that are striving to make a difference and open up the smoke screen of cinema. The review website Bitchflicks projects the film industry through a “feminist lens” and leads you to notice things about your favourite movies that you may never have before. You may notice how many times a female character speaks in a film compared to her male counterparts or when you read the end credits you may start to notice the lack of feminine names in certain areas.

The F-Rating is catching on already with the likes of IMBD. Film festivals everywhere are joining and independent cinemas too but only time will tell if the mainstream cinemas and streaming companies will get with the script too.

The London Film festival is also said to be celebrating women with a star-filled photo of actresses this Friday 12th October. We’re excited to see a positive movement for women in the film industry and will be supporting the F-Rating by watching back to back movies as the days get colder.

Words by:  Taylor Campbell

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