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Meet the real superwomen behind Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has already stunned audiences as one of the most successful superhero movies of the last few years, but it wouldn’t have been possible without these incredible women working behind the scenes.

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You would literally have to be living under a rock, or must have fallen off the face of the Earth, to have missed the fever-pitch anticipation for Wonder Woman’s return to the big screen. A woman fronting a major superhero film has been long overdue since Marvel and DC Comics began monopolising the summer film slate with their big-budget universes. Gal Gadot takes centre stage following her brief but well-received introduction in last years Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and is doing so to rave reviews. But behind the successful leading lady are a host of other successful women, without whom Wonder Woman’s newest outing may not have been as good, or may not have happened at all.

Patty Jenkins

Not only is Jenkins the first female director to helm a major superhero blockbuster, she is also the first woman to direct a superhero film led by a woman. Jenkins is making history and is doing so triumphantly. Wonder Woman has proven it self to be one of the most critically, and potentially commercially, successful superhero films of the current crop. But don’t mistake this for just any overnight success for Jenkins – she has made a name for herself across small and big screens over the years. She is the woman behind the hugely successful crime drama, Monster, which earned star Charlize Theron an Oscar, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award.

Diane Nelson

Diane Nelson may be one of the most important people – man or woman – behind some of the biggest superhero films of recent years. The President of DC Entertainment since 2009, and the President and Chief Content Officer of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment since 2013, Nelson has always been a vocal champion of Wonder Woman’s central role in the DC universe. Hailed by the Hollywood Reporter as one of the most powerful people in comics, her ambitious vision for DC will extend to future releases including Aquaman, Sandman, and of course the Justice League.

Kirsty Carlson, Lora Kennedy, and Lucinda Syson

Casting directors are still some of the most important unsung heroes in film, making or breaking films before they’ve even gone into production. Gal Gadot’s performance has been garnering praise left, right, and centre, and its no surprise given that three women are behind assembling a cast packed with talent, including Chris Pine, Robin Wright and Elena Anaya. Between the three of them they have worked on projects as diverse as Argo, V for Vendetta, and even Ali G Indahouse! And are currently working on everything from Aladdin to The Flash.

Lynda Carter

Let us never forget the Wonder Woman that put Wonder Woman on the live-action map. There was a poorly-received attempt at a television series in 1967 and a not much better small screen adaptation in 1974; but then Lynda Carter arrived on the scene and brought the female protagonist to life in a much-loved TV adaptation that set the standard, not only for the character, but also for superhero television series. Carter has for more than four decades been the definitive version of the superhero – proving that female superheroes could be just as popular as their male counterparts.

Words: Gurnesha Bola

Twitter: @gurnesha


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