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5 ways to build your brand on Instagram

Recently launched a business? Don’t have tons of advertising budget? Social media is your answer and the key platform is Instagram. In this day and age you no longer have to depend on external advertising alone to push your product through the early stages of branding. All entrepreneurs know social media means business and it’s never been easier to create product exposure at a low cost.

Instagram is a brilliant way to expand your brand and really focus on your target audience. Yes it is a never ending cycle of carefully worked out product placements and branding. However, it can be hard to find your place, as there are millions of  different accounts all attempting to sell similar products, but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult, let alone impossible. We’ve come up with 5  simple steps to building and establishing your brand’s ethos online.


  1. Compare: Look into what  similar successful brands are doing on Instagram. This might seem obvious but it’s key to find out what is engaging other brand’s customers, as after all they are competition. For example, if you’re a high end boutique you might want to look at other stores that are on your market level. This way you can observe what type of images get more likes and better responses from their customers as well as what may be missing and spot a gap in the Insta market.
  1. Trends: Instagram trends come and go quite quickly, however they’re a great way for your page to look more trendy and professional. Take the ‘flat lay’ photograph technique for instance; it started becoming a trend when bloggers would do it to display their clothing and favourite accessories but then brands picked up on it and now shops like Primark, H&M and even magazines such as Cosmo are using the technique. However, you do need to asses if these trends would be suitable for your target audience before you use them.
  1. Themes: Themes are a big part of Instagram, for instance if you’ve got a clothing line that’s based around monochromatic colours then your images could be based around black and white pieces or the background for your images could be all white.
  1. Consistency: Consistency is very important when it comes to marketing, especially Instagram. If you want to continually engage your customers and potentially reach new ones, then you should build a schedule. You could make it your aim to post a picture every day.
  1. Exclusives: Instagram exclusives are a brilliant way to make your customers feel included in the brand and make them want to come back for more. You could show an exclusive photo shoot or if your band is big enough you could do a giveaway, which is also a good way to attract more followers to your page.

These are only a few  key starting points to get you going, there are loads more tips and tricks that will help get you on your way to building a customer base while on a low budget, if you’d like to hear more or have any to share with us like us on Facebook,  Tweet us or follow us on Instagram and take a look at our brand building journey!

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Words by Megan Scott




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