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How to power-dress your way to the top

ballyclogsWe’ve all experienced that first awkward business encounter; when we can’t quiet grasp how to greet the other person, all too often ending in stiff smiles and forgotten names. But then there are times when we are simply captivated by what the other person is wearing and we can’t help but to compliment them. Then all of a sudden, it’s not awkward; we become engaged in a conversation that seems to flow all so naturally. Proof, really, that if done wisely your outfit can be used to get you much further in your career as well as being a convenient conversation starter.

Those that have been an intern in countless companies – big or small – will recognise and understand the idea that you really are a small fish in a humungous pond. Seeking the approval of your seniors and most of all your boss, it’s only natural you try your hardest to volunteer to do all tasks. But have you ever thought that your uniform-style attire may be just what is blending you in with everybody else, making it impossible to remember you?

To put it briefly, next time your boss thinks about whom to give a particular task to, chances are the employee with a more creative ensemble will be more memorable simply because they stand out amongst the neutral tones displayed in the sartorial choices of the rest of the office.

Your outfit has the power to make you stand head and shoulders above your co-workers. Next time you are dressing for work, why not put on a chic belt over that loose dress or just carry a patterned clutch against your crisp white shirt; sometimes a small accent is enough to make your outfit really pop.

As well as being recognized let’s not forget the importance of first impressions. Before you even begin to speak, your clothes can determine a lot about you and sadly but realistically, yes, you are being judged before being spoken to. So use this as an advantage to make a positive impression. All business motives aside, starting the day by wearing something that makes you feel good is going to change your outlook on the day. Confidence on the inside oozes on the outside. The opportunities that arise to dressing well in the workplace seem to be endless and as long as there is no downside there is no reason why you shouldn’t. So go on, wear that brightly coloured shirt you’ve been saving for the office party and distinguish yourself from the crowd.

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