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What you need to know before you start packing for your holiday

This week, #DebutDoll Lydia – who is an expat living in Saudi Arabia – gives us her tips for packing smart for the holidays.

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Jetting off to an exotic beach destination, planning the ultimate city-break in Europe, or even just heading to the British coastline?

For many, holidays come with major To Do lists: fake tans, manicures and pedicures, hair cuts and holiday shopping are some of our top holiday prep. But what about perhaps the most important pre-hols preparation; packing?

Here at Debut we are often having to sit on our suitcases to get them shut, all while arguing the necessity of a fifth bikini-and-kaftan combo. If you too find packing hard then here are our top tips for packing smart – tips that mean that you can breeze through the airport like a star, with minimal baggage but still keeping your style on point.

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  • Choose a suitcase – this is your ONLY bag. Make sure you can actually carry said bag. All your stuff must fit in this. If you are travelling as a couple or family, still try to stick to the one suitcase, but two is acceptable. You can take a handbag as well, just the one. Try to pick a handbag that can do double time – day-trips exploring, evenings out dining or dancing, and lazy days spent by the pool.


  • Take a cover up that does exactly what it says it will on the tin: cover you up. Cover ups are for going to the restaurant/bar/loo without feeling naked in the hotel lobby or getting worried glances from resort staff. Buying an open kimono or see through dress means you will end up never wearing the thing beyond the pool-side bar. Take a loose dress or playsuit that does the job.


  • Don’t over pack accessories. Choose one hat, necklace, one pair of earrings, and one pair of sunglasses. If you intend to take a lot of selfies then choose ONE accessory to double up on.


  • Take clothes you already wear and like. Purchasing a whole holiday wardrobe usually results in clothes languishing in your suitcase, taking up space. Pack items you already love to wear and splurge on new swimwear and sunglasses. This also applies to over packing. What do you actually like to wear? Chances are you will wear that outfit more than once and never wear the gingham two piece that looked perfect online but is not particularly forgiving after the all-inclusive pasta feast.


  • Think about what you will be doing on holiday and what outfits you are taking. Gorgeous pink velvet heels sadly have no place on holiday – the velvet will die. Take a pair of sandals that will double up as evening shoes. Wear tennis shoes/espadrilles on the flight that you can then wear for sightseeing (make sure these are super, walking-on-a-cloud comfy – the streets of a foreign city are not for major blisters!). If you must, pack strappy heels that go with everything else you are taking.


  • Only take the make-up you need. You are on holiday so A: no one knows you, and B: you can just filter your photos anyway. Tinted moisturiser with SPF, waterproof mascara and eyeliner, lipgloss: done. Smudge in extra eyeliner for going out and use the lipgloss as cheek tint. Given the heat, dips in the pool trying to catch the eye of the fit lifeguard, and the constant re-application of suncream, heavy make up is a huge no-no. Relish in the freedom and relaxation a holiday offers your skin.


  • Double up toiletry functions (shampoo can be used as body wash). Decant products into smaller bottles for the trip. Buy cheap toiletries in small volumes when you arrive.


We hope these tips help you, happy holidays!


Words: Lydia Morgan

Instagram: @ourdreamsincolour




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