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A night owl’s guide to becoming a morning person

This week, #DebutDoll Molly, who hails from Chicago, Illinois, shares some tips on how to become more of a morning person…

I am not a morning person. Anyone who knows me, knows that this is an undeniable fact. My sister’s, roommates, and anyone else who has dealt with me in the hours of 7-11am know not to talk to me until I’ve had an adequate amount of caffeine. (By adequate, I mean a slow drip of espresso or cold brew coffee until I feel awake enough to speak with others).

But there are several proven benefits to waking up early in the morning. Your brain works better, you end up feeling more rejuvenated throughout the day, and you sleep better at night. The physical and psychological benefits to waking up early have been proven time and time again… but I can’t ever seem to get myself out of bed in the morning. One of my resolutions for 2017 is to attempt to slowly make myself a morning person – one day at a time. Here’s the short list of different things I’m doing to attempt to get up in the morning.

  1. Set your alarm clock in another room – and don’t use your phone! I’ve been using my iPhone as an alarm clock since I got one years ago and I believe most people are the same way. If you normally keep your phone charging by your bed, then it’s way too easy to just turn off the alarm (or hit snooze!) and just roll over.
  2. Getting a physical alarm clock that you have to get up out of bed and go turn off will at least get you out from underneath the duvet. It also makes it harder to hit snooze and fall right back asleep!
  3. Speaking of – don’t hit the snooze button! If you hit the snooze button, you trick your body into thinking you’ll get another full REM cycle – when in reality, a snooze cycle is only 8 or 10 minutes long. Using a physical alarm clock will help you kick the habit of snoozing.
  4. Drink a full glass of water right before bed. This is a helpful tip for many reasons – you already know that drinking water is good for you. But drinking a full glass right before sleep most likely means you’ll have to get up in the morning to use the restroom. It gets you out of bed, keeps you hydrated, and helps your body recoup overnight.
  5. If you need caffeine, have your coffee maker or kettle ready to go. One of the biggest investments I’ve made in my attempts to become a morning person is getting a coffee maker that has an alarm clock on it. I’m able to smell the coffee before I even get out of bed and it’s already ready and waiting on me – this has potentially made the biggest difference in my routine.

Let me know if you try out any of this tips – and if this is one of your resolutions, too, be sure to let me know on Twitter!

Words: Molly Tullis
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