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Halloween and chills: 5 of the most terrifying movies of all time

What’s your favourite scary movie? It was a tough call to pick our top 5 and no we haven’t included Scream, The Blair Witch Project, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or The Shining (also on our faves list) but the following are equally as horrifying – Bring your friends round, get the popcorn and tune in to some of our favourite spine tinglers. 

IT marathon – Stephen King’s IT is definitely a must see, get your hands on IT 1, IT 2 and the original released in 1990 if you can. Pennywise and the gang keep our eyes glued to the screen as we watch the modern versions explore fear in all its forms – from bullying to child abuse, IT makes us uncomfortable, scared and intrigued from start to finish. Ranked the highest grossing horror film of all time.. IT’s not to be missed!  

Halloween (1978) You simply can’t do Halloween night without Halloween. Despite several attempts at remakes nothing beats Michael Myers and Laurie Lee Curtis’ debut in the original movie. It was a trendsetter for the slasher genre and worth a revisit if only for the soundtrack, 70s fashion and ‘crazed’ teens punished for drugs, sex and rock and roll.  

The Sixth Sense – This is probably one of the most underrated movies of all time, although it was a huge box office hit in the 90s, it seems most people forgot about it once it left the cinemas. It lacks in gore and the usual slasher/horror conventions, but there’s always something scarier about the supernatural – this psychological thriller is bound to keep you sleeping with the lights on! 

Joker – More of a psychological drama than a horror film, Joker still has enough violence, gruesome blood baths, thrills and a terrifying realist touch on some of the issues faced in our society today. What’s scarier than the reality of a fxxcked up society?  

Extremely Evil, Shockingly Wicked and Vile – The story of Ted Bundy through the eyes of his girlfriend Elizabeth Klopefer (Lily Collins) yes it stars High-School musical sweetheart Zac Efron but his incredibly convincing performance along with the gruesome, vivid imagery of the murdered women, and horrifying fact that this is, indeed a true story, will have you wishing you didn’t watch it.

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Words: Lina Bastidas



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