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Molly Tullis on the perks of a good routine

This week, #DebutDoll Molly, who hails from Chicago, Illinois, talks about the benefits of sticking to a routine.

“Break the mold!” “Disrupt the routine!” – these sort of cliches are peppered all the way from Instagram motivational quotes to posters you can purchase as office art. There has always been a call to break the routine and do something different with your life – but as we’re beginning to settle into 2017, I found myself increasingly interested in doing quite the opposite.

Now, I’m not talking about my career goals or my personality. I encourage you to be thinking about how you can go the extra mile and break from the rut. But in my day to day life, I’ve found myself wanting more of a routine.

Having a routine has several different benefits for you, emotionally and physically. The kinds of things I’m talking about putting into my routine include when I should meditate throughout the day or when is a good time for me to go to the gym. I have wanted to start a lot of these healthy routines in my life, but up until now I haven’t had a good opportunity to do so. I’ve found that writing these things down and setting up a specific time for them in my day has helped me stay incredibly accountable.

There are less excuses to be made – I know that if I’m going to be going to the gym at 7pm, I’ll go get drinks before or after with my friends. There’s less temptation to go out and keep saying, “I’ll go to the gym in an hour… later… I’ll go tomorrow.”

While I would never encourage you to be ‘dull’ or not to strive for goals that scare you, there is something beautiful in having a good, mundane routine. It’s incredibly important when it comes to setting your goals for #CrushingIt, because you can identify what is going to help you break out of a rut (at work, in your personal life, etc.) and find very real time in your schedule to work on it.

It’s something that I would encourage all of you to do over the next week as you go throughout your routine. Identify different parts of your day that are underutilized (do you have a commute, for example?) and find ways to add to your routine that will help you slowly achieve your goals – the beauty in the mundane!

Words: Molly Tullis
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