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Why we’re flocking to Manchester

Whilst London may be seen as the traditional choice for the newly graduated, Rebecca Sweeney provides 5 reasons why young professionals are now choosing to reside in Manchester instead.


Considering itself to be the cultural capital of the north with a population of almost half a million, Manchester has completely revolutionised in the last thirty years. With an array of bars, shops and restaurants, a booming music scene and a more affordable cost of living than many options in the south, it is no surprise that many young professionals are choosing to settle here. Manchester sees you get the big-city lifestyle without the mighty price tag so here are the top 5 reasons why the Manchester population is on the up…

1. Job prospects

The city’s financial and business industry is huge; with the Manchester Chamber of Commerce being the biggest in the UK, it is ideal for those wanting to get into the financial sector. It is also a huge attraction for technology and media subjects following the £650 million investment into Media City UK, located in Salford Quays just outside of the City Centre. Manchester is also home to the largest commercial and retail floor space outside of London making the job market a continuing attraction to outsiders.

2. Cost of living

A major reason why Manchester is becoming increasingly more attractive to young adults. The rent prices in the city are fifty percent cheaper than London, according to 2015 statistics, helping the average graduate to have greater control over their finances and much more disposable income to play with.

3. The arts and culture scene

Manchester boasts everything from exceptional theatres, award-winning museums and the biggest football stadiums in the world. Whilst strolling along the river Thames may be glorious, strolling along the Manchester Ship Canal through the glorious Media City UK, and even stop by the Imperial War Museum, is also divine. Or,

if art is more your thing, visit the award-winning Whitworth Art Gallery or the Manchester Art Gallery, both of which are free entry for all. Whatever your taste, the cultural scene will cater for you.

4. The best music scene in the country

Oasis, The Smiths, The Stone Roses and so many more began their careers in their home town with the Manchester music scene becoming legendary thanks to the famous hacienda back in the 80s/90s. Boasting everything from large scale artists at Manchester Arena to up-coming bands playing at hidden gems like Band on the Wall, as well as the famous techno nights held at The Warehouse Project, the music scene remains, to this day, the pride and joy of Manchester.

5. Nightlife

The array of restaurants, bars and nightclubs in Manchester is unlike any other UK city. Boasting one of the biggest china towns in the UK, the legendary ‘curry mile’ (yes, that is a real thing here) and a clubbing scene that booms every night of the week, there is no time to stay in when up north. From the quirky Northern Quarter to the suave cocktail bars in Spinningfields, there is something to suit all tastes.

Manchester is the thriving heart of the north of England with exciting and prosperous things ahead for the city and the people in it. Whether coming for a weekend, a fortnight or a future, why not get here and see what all the fuss is about?

Do you agree with Rebecca that Manchester is the new place to be in your mid twenties or does somewhere else encompass all that being a young professional means you to? Let us know on social media. 



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