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How to actually make the most of your annual leave during lockdown

Things that make you go OOO (out of office, that is) 

Down-time? In this pandemic? At Debut, we’re constantly trying to create the perfect work vs life cocktail. And, let’s face it, when you’re working in the creative industries, work and life often merge into one big to-do list. That’s why we’ve lovingly collated some of our favourite pastimes: from virtual trips to the V&A to surprise literary subscriptions. 


Hosted by the BBC Asian Network, Rubina Pabani and Poppy Jay are two women who need all the fabulous introductions, which is hard when we are cry-laughing along to their podcast. These two beautiful women talk about their sexual desire, need and pleasure, whilst single-handedly busting taboos on sex, but particularly brown women and sex. 

There’s not nearly enough places we can go to hear women freely talking about all their sex-capades, holding up the finger to the patriarchy, whilst also simmering back down to low heat, and talking about the hilarious cultural dramas, such as the Asian no-no of no trainers on Grandma’s Persian rugs. Pabani and Jay have the Debut crown for inspiring us to go into the weekend being our mesmerising selves. Listen to BBC Asian Network’s Brown Girls Do It Too on BBC Sounds


Ava Camille is our new answer to serene Saturdays . Not only does Camille’s mindful approach to her music humble us, her sharing of her own private world is magically raw. In conversation with Camille, she told us that her main inspiration comes from Alicia Keys and “her unique energy and compassion that translates into her music.” Think About It is Camille’s reflection on love and loss, and while Camille wants her listeners to interpret her music their own way, she wanted those of privilege to be reminded to think about others. 


Whether you’re the end-of-the-week homebody, or one that wants their girls round (or on zoom) as soon as the clock strikes 5 pm, we’ve got the perfect delivery service for either your sofa reading needs, or your girls’ wine and dine book club. Rare Birds Book Club is a subscription run on Not On The High Street, with two mystery blurbs to choose from each month, you can receive one book a month by a new fabulous, female author to ignite your girl power within you. Rare Birds have a carefully curated selection to send you the books you may never have chosen yourself.


Although it took a ruckus of a year, we are bowing down to the change in our daily costume. Wearing pyjamas may have been a novelty a few months ago but we are now on the rampage for comfy and couture. Ninety Percent not only care for cosiness, but they are sustainability superheroes. On their mission to change the fashion industry, donating 90% of their profits to those who make the brand happen, Ninety Percent fill both our hearts and drawers with wearable hugs that can be worn to work on Casual Fridays and bed. 


And finally, whilst we may have filled ourselves up on all of the Netflix, podcasts and creative home projects whilst having so many baths our skin is turning to scales, it can often feel like we are on the verge of becoming a recluse. If you’re missing the culture and the art that lies on your forbidden doorstep, we’re asking you to put on the most sequin-adorned dress, pour yourself a Prosecco (or Guava and Lychee fizz mocktail) and head on to your favourite gallery. The V&A, Saatchi Gallery, The Tate, and Tate Modern are all continuously hosting new-age, digital exhibitions. Live VR experiences and talks through your laptop, art to view at your own pace, and wonderful videos from more artists all around the world than ever possible before. The novelty of being able to eat your favourite takeaway and getting a little tipsy whilst virtually perusing the latest innovations in art is a perk that never wears off. 

Bex Thackery

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From years of experience to build up her career in fashion product managing, for all-time favourite brand Dr. Martens, Bex had what she would like to call “a quarter life epiphany” and switched gears to set sail onto the long road ahead of editorial writing.

Having written for a variety of magazines such as Eden Zine designed for young entrepreneurs where she explored the digital disguise of social media, to returning several times to resident at The Bower Monologues, a publication created and written by women through the female psyche, where she explored a personal viewpoint on escaping rituals, Bex now finds herself at the home of Debut.

Being a feminist, creative, lifelong tomboy, and fashion lover, Bex is inspired to write about, interview and explore the wonders of like-minded people and their creations. Whilst obsessed with fashion, she’s not afraid to fiction: Bex’s blog is a trip into the eye of the beholder. Exploring love, relationships, fashion and weekly anecdotes, her personally-branded “personal exposé” is just the start of a lifetime of stories. Bex is an old, hopeless romantic without the fear to dive head into water of the intriguing unknown.
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