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Has Louis Vuitton stamped the cool out of supreme?

A question for Louis Vuitton and Supreme. What next?

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We all know the high end, monumental French house of Louis Vuitton and the youth culture, hip-hop influenced, New York born power brand that is Supreme. But has marrying these two brands for the mainstream resulted into a fashion love story or a Montague and Capulet tragedy?

Earlier this year Louis Vuitton and Supreme released their much-anticipated brand collaboration, with monogrammed skateboards, duffle bags, gloves, trunks and an array of products in their collection. However, has the hype of the collaboration taken toll on Supreme’s credibility? Since the height of the collaboration, Supreme – a name that has endlessly resonated with youth and skate communities as ‘relatable’ – is now seen as unobtainable.

The substantial difference between high fashion and street wear is obvious by its everyday attire, quality and price tag; this particular collaboration highlights all. Although, did the $10,000 plus price tag persuade Supreme’s prime demographic of Supreme to leave the check out line entirely?

This collaboration among many can raise the question of hype vs. style: are people buying for the name, the design, the quality, the hype or the likes? Both designers are lauded by their respected communities, but Louis Vuitton’s and Supreme’s customers often come from different worlds. So is it the name and reputation of a designer the reason for such hype or is it the fascination of an oil and water collaboration?

In the end the collection has proven itself enormously successful but has garnered mixed reviews. One question now remains, what is next for the super brands? Back to black for Supreme or will they keep up with the luxury, high-ticket audience they have so vastly brought in? And what will happen to the OG fans? Only time will tell.

Words Dilpreet Taak

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