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Everything you need to know about the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collab

There are many things I wouldn’t put together; spaghetti and maple syrup (extra points if you get the reference), myself and anything outdoorsy, kitten heels and, well, anything… but last of all, one thing I definitely wouldn’t think to put together is Louis Vuitton and Supreme. However after a lawsuit, lots of gossip and a lustful fashion show the two brands proved me totally wrong in a collaboration that is bound to turn heads; Louis Vuitton X Supreme.

louis-vuitton-x-supreme-inside-image-1Why is a Louis Vuitton/ Supreme collab quite so jaw dropping, you may wonder. Well, for the uniformed let me catch you up to speed with a quick cliff notes version. Just under 20 years ago, Supreme (a brand known for quality street/skate wear) were close to releasing a collection of skate decks that held a similar resemblance to the infamous Louis Vuitton toile monogram, when Louis Vuitton (a brand known for being highly protective over their trademark designs) responded with a cease and desist letter filing a lawsuit for plagiarism. Just a bit of healthy brand banter right?

All caught up now? So, almost 20 years later, Louis Vuitton suddenly decides they want to design an entire men’s collection with Supreme – yep not intriguing at all. Under the LV men’s creative director Kim Jones and the Supreme founder James Jebbia, an Autumn/Winter 2017 menswear collection was released sporting Louis Vuitton’s classic bag shapes including travel totes and travel tags as well as Supreme’s eye catching red and white branding. It’s like sweet and sour (so wrong but so right) – a real ‘match made in heaven’.

So, my opinion on the new collab? Well, I freaking love it. Fair enough it’s a men’s collection and I highly doubt I’ll be investing in anything from the collection, yet I still find it all very ‘pleasing to the eyes’ and find the lawsuit involved worthy of an entire episode on ‘Suits’ which may or may not be half the attraction.

But beside the juicy gossip, the collection really is lovely and something so cool, chilled and wearable whilst keeping to the premium quality expected from both brands but especially Louis Vuitton. I like the ode to both brands as they keep as close to the classic styles of Louis Vuitton’s totes and monogrammed designs as well as the bold red and white colours from Supreme.

A few pieces that stood out to me (aka made me want to buy them regardless of the gender stereotypes) include the classic neutral style LV monogrammed scarf louis-vuitton-x-supreme-inside-imagewith the ‘Supreme’ logo printed on it, the hard cased luggage trunk in the style of the classic LV trunk with a monogrammed design yet with the infamous red and white Supreme colour scheme instead of the neutral LV one, and last of all, another item from the collection that caught my eye is the ‘denim look baseball shirt’ covered with the classic Louis Vuitton monogrammed print as well as printed with the ‘Supreme’ logo all over.

Overall, I find the collection so cool, wearable and on trend and without a doubt a great choice on behalf of both Jones and Jebbia – so leaving lawsuits in the past – this collection is bound to acquire a huge audience waiting to observe, judge and most importantly – purchase!

What do you think of the collection? Bad move? Good move? Drastic? Lust worthy? Though the most important question… Would you put Louis Vuitton and Supreme ‘together’?

Words by Maija Lily
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