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How to take a digital detox (and stick to it)

This week, #DebutDoll Molly, who hails from Chicago, Illinois, talks about that famous US election and the consequences of the results.

While getting to work in social media is a dream, there are some unexpected downsides. When you think of getting off of work and relaxing – odds are, you think about logging onto Facebook or social media to relax. Maybe watching a little bit of Netflix (Friends reruns, anyone)? An unexpected part to my new job was being digitally burnt out by the end of the day. I found myself staring at the wall trying to relax!

Over the holiday break most everyone is going to be out of their offices. Our boss encouraged all of us to take a ‘digital detox’ and just unplug for a little while. But what does that even mean? Here’s a few different ways that I’ve started to use to unwind without having to watch Netflix.

  • Read a book (yes, really!)
    Okay, this seems like a very outdated (and very obvious!) tip. But I found that the secret for me to get back into reading was to really find something that resonates with me now. I used to be an incredibly avid reader and it dropped off as I got older. I’ve reconnected with my love of reading by picking up biographies on fashion designers, stories about historical fashion houses, etc. Surprise yourself and pick up a title you normally would leave on the shelf!
  • Join a gym and find solace in the sweat
    My friend just joined a gym near our apartment complex (we have neighboring apartments, it’s basically Friends) and has been raving about how good she feels. I always end up going to a gym religiously for a month, then dropping off, then going for a month… etc. I’ve picked it back up again (with more success!) now that I’m looking at it as a way to digitally detox from the world – I have my iPhone on for my playlists only!
  • Pick up the phone and call someone
    One of my biggest problems with putting my phone down for a few hours is the fact that I might miss text messages. I have friends all over the country (both the US and the UK), so if I get a message from another timezone and ignore it – it could be hours before I hear back from them! The alternative, of course, is actually taking the time to pick up your phone and call someone. I’ve had some fantastic conversations with old friends these past few weeks because I elected to pick up the phone and call someone – with no notice!


Hopefully these tips will help you find a way to relax while allowing you to unplug at the same time. If you have any tips, then be sure to share them with me on Twitter!

Words: Molly Tullis
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