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How to set realistic goals for 2017

It is that time of the year again when we all start writing up our new year’s resolutions. Many of us have already made unrealistic promises to ourselves that we plan to fulfil in 2017. Whether it is to blow the dust of your gym membership card or start adding money to that nonexistent savings account you have had for the last three years!

It’s all good setting goals for yourself for the New Year, but if you know you’re not going to see them through then what’s the point? It’s like you’re just setting yourself up for failure. It’s time we all start setting realistic goals for the New Year. The more realistic your goals are the more likely you are to accomplish them.

Here are some of my top tips to ensure we all set realistic, achievable goals this New Year:


Be realistic
Telling yourself that you will have a car by the start of summer 2017 when you have no job or source of income is unrealistic. Be realistic with your goals. Instead of saying you want to buy a car, how about you make your goal to get a job and save up some money for a car and maybe you could focus on getting one when you have some sort of financial stability.

Don’t rush it
You do have all year to achieve these goals, so remember there is no rush to achieve all these goals in the first few months. Try splitting up your goals into various months of the year. Be more specific when setting your goals in regards to when you plan to achieve them. Setting up your goals like this will ensure that you do not become too consumed with trying to achieve all of your goals at the same time.

Log your progress
Write down and record your progress so you know how far you have to go till your goals are met. Its a great way to ensure you’re on track. When you’re having a bad day or lacking motivation you will be surprised to see how uplifted you feel when you see how close you are to achieving your goal.

Pin them up
This might sound silly but I think as humans we always try to remember everything, forever storing things in our heads. How many times have you said ‘I don’t have to write it down I will remember it’. NO YOU WON’T………WRITE IT DOWN! Either write or type up your goals for the year and then stick it up on your wall or next to your make -up table. Seeing the constant reminder will motivate you to keep on going.

Words: Lateefah Jean-Baptiste


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