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Why those Gucci t-shirts are spamming your insta feed

Gucci t shirt

Every once in a while there comes along a certain piece of clothing or accessory that (it seems) every single blogger has had the same memo about. There has been the floppy, embroidered hat, the Vetements-esque step hem jeans, the Chloé Faye bag and the backless fur loafers.

One item that has probably dominated your Instagram feed though is the Gucci t-shirt. It’s understandable, t-shirts are cool and easy while the Gucci affiliation shows class and that you’re a ‘fashion insider’ (plus that you can splurge a few hundred pounds on a “basic” wardrobe staple).

Now Gucci have revealed their new t-shirt designs. Arguably these are better than the original and, continuing the brand’s most recent merchandising direction (i.e. those Gucci memes), they take a tongue in cheek look at the Instagram’s set obsession with all things Gucci and all things logo-ed.

Enjoy the new designs while you can, and before you get sick of constantly double-tapping them.

Words: Esther Newman

Twitter: @estherbnewman


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