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7 books on every fashion student’s reading list

Studying on a fashion course is an individual experience. There are so many university courses that have been around for years and first years are often bombarded with advice from teachers, lecturers or even parents providing a wealth of knowledge that has been passed down for generations.

Sadly, fashion is not one of those courses. It’s only in the last 20 years that fashion courses have become prevalent in the creative industries, meaning that it can be tricky finding the right information about different fashion careers. If you are thinking of studying fashion or are already studying fashion and just want to find out more about the industry as well as the history behind your chosen field then you might find some of these books useful.

How to prepare for a career in fashion – Stephanie Finnan
From The Fashion Careers Clinic, this handy little book gives advice on different careers within fashion such as styling, fashion journalism, fashion PR, fashion buying and visual merchandising. Each section also has tips on how to get work experience and what courses are available at Universities to help you progress within each area of fashion.

Writing for the fashion business – Kristen K Swanson, Judith C Everett
Something for the bloggers, journalists and the in-between fashion writer. This book covers so many different aspects of fashion writing that any fashion student will find it useful.

The TeenVOGUE Handbook
A fun read that helps take the pressure off. Aimed towards a slightly younger audience so perfect for people who are still deciding what course to do. Covers designers, editors, models, beauty, stylists and photographers but doesn’t go into specifics. Coming from an American publishing house it’s interesting to read the interviews with various members of  TeenVOGUE as well as key members of the creative industries.

Icons Of Fashion
Discovering the people who made fashion what it is today is always going to be essential for anyone who is interested in working in the creative industry. The history speaks for itself and as fashion students it’s knowledge you can’t really live without.

Uncovering Fashion – Fashion Communications Across The Media – Marian Frances Wolbers
A fashion communications textbook which explores the business aspect of how fashion is communicated to us. Media and fashion work so closely together that understanding how and when and through which mediums makes this book a key text for anyone on a fashion communications or PR course as well as a marketing course.

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty
One of the most influential and inspiring designers ever, this exhibition was huge. From it’s time at the MET to when it came to the V&A it was an incredible experience that broke records in terms of attendance. The book explores the collections that made up the exhibition and as a fashion phenomenon, this book is a source of inspiration for people in the creative industry everywhere.

Fashion Promotion In Practice – Jon Cope and Dennis Maloneyl
A brand new title that has only been published this year, this book focuses on how fashion is promoted. Using case studies that are relevant and contemporary, they offer exercises and practices to aid fashion students in developing a deeper understanding of how different avenues such as advertising, use of celebrity, fashion collaborations etc all help to create a fashion brand.

There is no doubt that studying fashion is one of the most exciting courses you can do and when you really enjoy your course even spending all your spare time reading about your subject doesn’t really feel like work.

Words: Gabriella Tavani
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