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Everything you need to know about streetwear

The art of fashion is at most times considered lavish, outlandish and larger than life. With the styles of Comme des Garcons, Couture houses and stage fashion at the height of editorial, we often miss the opportunity to admire the style that can be worn by anyone. It-girls, influencers, models and artists are very fascinating to watch and admire, however, let’s turn our attention to the attire that can be replicated by everywoman, no matter her occupancy.


Street style is a term in fashion that is used to describe attire that is (quite literally) worn on the street. It’s the subject of thousands of bloggers, Instagram pages and look book’s on the Internet, but what have we learnt from them all? And how can you rock it too?

First things first, Simplicity is key.

‘Less is more’ is a term that fits well here. An outfit that is overcomplicated and overly done is often the subject of a catastrophe in everyday attire. 2017 has seen everything from large statement necklaces to layer upon layers of undershirts and dress shirts (not again, please). So strip it back, keep it simple with clean lines, and set a rule of a maximum of 3 layers (including outerwear) for a modern and sleek look.

Baddie on a Budget

Accessories are your best friends when it comes to spicing up an outfit and even making it look far more expensive. Fine-lined gold chains and a few simple rings will say far more than a knockoff PRADA. Accessories can be found in boutiques, markets, thrift shops and the High Street; you don’t have to break the bank.

Draw inspiration!

Extreme celeb social stalking can actually be a positive here! Stroll through the pages of style experts that you love and admire. Study the colours and the trends or their Street Wear; the latest fad in fashion can easily be recreated to fit you with some imagination and closet diving.


Words: Dilpreet Taak

Instagram: @dilpreettaak


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