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Everything we learnt from the Love Island reunion

Tonight, the Love Island couples all reunited less than one week after the season finale. We tuned in to see what the latest news is with our favourite reality couples. In case you missed it, here are the top ten things we learnt…

  1. One of the things everyone wanted to know was if Garcel’s dry spell was still going on. Now we know, Marcel and Gabby finally did the deed…
  2. Alex and Montana have NOT broken up, despite what the tabloids say.
  3. After being asked about his growing rap career, Kem revealed that “there’s definitely something going on” between him and Stormzy. Christmas no.1??
  4. Gabby and Marcel are already talking about moving in together. As Gabby said, “maybe in a couple of months after a while in the real world.”
  5. Jonny and Chyna are “very good friends”…“having a bit of fun” as Chyna told Caroline. A luxury weekend in Budapest sounds like quite a bit of fun to us.
  6. Kem and Amber have said they’ll move to Essex, as Wales is a little too slow-paced for Kem, but they’ll give it a bit of time before the move. They’ve also denied any plans of getting married before Christmas, wanting to wait 4/5 years before getting engaged.
  7. Jess and Dom have marked their relationship with matching tattoos and admit they’ve already started talking marriage and babies. Jess revealed they even started those chats while still in the villa…wow!
  8. ‘Muggy Mike’ “has been having fun” whereas Tyla actually wants a real relationship so they’re not on the same page any more.
  9. Liv revealed Chris asked for a key to her flat the morning of the reunion, despite the fact they still bicker 24/7.
  10. Jamie is actually THE cutest. Not only did he arrange Camilla’s perfect first date of a game of rounders with her nearest and dearest, he was also a true gentleman trying haggis with her family in Scotland.

The series may be over, but we can’t wait to continue following these couples and their rollercoaster relationships.

Words: Emma Gibbons


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