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The best movies to watch on Valentine’s Day

February the fourteenth has become a pretty big deal worldwide, and when I say big deal I mean Christmas Day kinda big deal – yeah – and so it’s no surprise at all that pink, red and every shade of teddy bear have dominated aisles and aisles of every store (mocking those of us without a valentine) and becoming, I’m sure, a very successful period for the consumer market who manage to deck out every possible empty space with pink and red.

So for the singletons facing valentines alone, for those spending valentines with their girlfriends or even for the ones spending valentine’s with their loved ones (oh you guys) We’ve ve put together the best films to get you in that Valentine’s mood and for the most romantic movie marathon you’ll ever have, period!


The Notebook
You can’t really go wrong when watching ‘The Notebook’. Guaranteed ugly crying? Check. Guaranteed need for multiple tissue boxes? Check. Guaranteed emotional shouting at the tv screen? Check (HE WROTE TO YOU EVERY DAY DAMMIT!!!!) The Notebook will break your heart 20 times over before you finally get to that happy ending #ifyoureabirdImabird

Dear John
Channing. Tatum. ‘nuff said.

Valentine’s day
We’re suckers for anything themed, so watching Valentines day on Valentine’s day is a must – an absolute necessity if I may! With an A-list cast including Taylor Swift you can get wrapped up in an emotional blanket of an overwhelming amount of different relationship dramas.

Dirty Dancing
Because there’s never a better time to watch Patrick Swayze dance than on valentine’s day. Nobody puts baby in the corner, especially on valentine’s day.

Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman is definitely, without a doubt, going to be playing (possibly on repeat) as it is one of our all-time favourite movies – and who doesn’t love a bit of Richard Gere?

Endless Love
The amount of times we’ve watched this movie is 100% not healthy (but we’ll keep that between us) it really is just such a cute film that is easy to follow and easy to love, endlessly (ha no pun intended). Not only will this movie give you valentines vibes, it will give you severe summer vibes – that you can thank us for later!

My Best Friend’s Wedding
After watching this just last night, I couldn’t not include it in this list. I mean, Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Dermot Mulroney and Rupert Everett come on… it’s a must! Having one dose of Julia Roberts is just not enough so if you’re going to watch Pretty Woman, you have to watch this – it’s a package deal baby. Also, after crying buckets of tears you are definitely going to need Rupert Everett’s singing of  ‘I say a little prayer for you’ to brighten up your evening!

So, movie marathon sorted, now just to organise the calorie feast that will take place, between boxes of chocolates and endless amounts of sweet treats – count us in – eat ya heart out couples spending valentines out, all we need is some Hollywood heartthrobs and a couple of boxes of chocolate.

Sounds like the perfect Valentine’s night in.

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day, just remember; Patrick Swayze dancing and you’ll have the best night ever.

Words by Maija Lily
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