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Pom pom’s at the ready! Meet the sisters behind Amelia Jane London

It’s amazing when young women work together to create successful companies and even more so when they’re sisters! Alice and Olivia Minns founded their fashion brand Amelia Jane London in February 2014, becoming notorious for their Pom Pom accessories. We spoke them about the company and what it is like working with your sibling. 

Debut: What made you create your brand?

A & O: We always wanted to do something in Fashion that was fun and girly. We also wanted to do something that we could work at together.

Debut: What difficulties were you faced with to start with?

A & O: Initially meeting the demand for the number of products going out was difficult to keep on top of, especially between September and Christmas when order volumes increased online. We had not anticipated receiving the quantity of orders that we did so quickly, so we had to keep the momentum going with our manufacturer working around the clock to get products made in time.

Debut: Sounds like success! What’s being the best thing about working together?

A & O: The best thing about working together is that we pretty much have the same ideas on everything so it makes decision making a lot easier! Its also just fun working as sisters on something we both love.

Debut: What fears did you have, if any before starting out?

A & O: I don’t think we had fears before starting out because we were just super excited about starting our own brand and that kept us going. Any fears we have had along the way have been hoping that customers like what we are creating for them. It’s so nice to receive compliments on our products.

Debut: What keeps you motivated?

A & O: Doing what we love keeps us motivated. We are obsessed with what we do and look forward to a Monday morning and a new week rather than dreading going into the office!

Debut: We love the pastels used in your collections, what can we expect from the new season?

A & O: Thank you! With the new season you can expect some fun vibrant statement pieces that just make a whole outfit. In addition, we have a famous face involved in the collection which is exciting.

Debut: Awesome! Will you be creating any summer accessories?

A & O: We have a few little surprises coming out for summer shortly but we are mainly focusing on our A/W collection.

Debut: Tell us about the future of Amelia Jane?

A & O: We would love to continue to grow the business and brand name and expand into further accessories and outerwear, and grow our profile overseas. We receive lots of orders online from the US and Australia so those two countries are definitely areas we would like to explore further. We have recently been out in LA for meetings and to gain exposure for the brand.

Debut: What are you work ethics like?

A & O: In the early stages of Amelia Jane London we found ourselves working around the clock both to meet deadlines and because we were so engrossed in projects that we hadn’t noticed the time slipping away! Now we try to make more time to take regular breaks, we have found that it is of course healthier, but also helps with creative inspiration.

Debut: Any advice for anyone thinking of launching their own brand?

A & O: Our advice would be go with a product that you believe in and that would wear/like yourself. The power of social media is also not to be underestimated in terms of securing a following for your brand and the way posts are written and products are launched to social media platforms is key to their success.



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