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Debut Dolls around the world: meet the women bloggers wandering the world

Need some travel tips or inspiration? Stuck in an office dreaming of roaming the globe? Warning: the following ladies will cause some serious travel envy! These blogs and Instagram accounts are both beautiful and informative. They are run by women who live for their next adventure – and some who are permanently nomadic.

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The Sweetest Way

Leah Davis’ travel blog and Instagram are perfection. Her ethos is all about “location independence”. She posts about her travels and her life as a digital nomad, with tips on how to become one. There are also guest posts about other locations and reviews of travel related products.

This Is Yugen

Elle Kirsten is well worth following. Her ‘gram and blog are both so stunning, I want to steal them! Not only do her images and style look beautiful but she gives great information on eco-friendly travel. Her blog has some brilliant “Top 10” and “5 reasons to” style posts, which are always fun to scroll through.

Live Like It’s The Weekend

Recent photos of Michelle Halpern’s travels around some of America’s National Parks induce some serious country lifestyle dreams. Her blog is full of amazing photography and great posts on amazing travel destinations. She is all about making travel a priority and exploring new cultures.

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Gotta Keep Movin’

With a slightly different approach, Emma Higgins devotes an entire year to a location.  She gives her followers a real sense of immersion in the place and culture. This blog is all about slow travel but also offers practical travel planning tips as well, understanding that we can’t all spend a long time abroad. GKM also releases print editions and the Portugal edition is now available for pre-order.

Other fab follows are @sheisnotlost and @wearetravelgirls. Both of these are collaborative online communities which set out to inspire and celebrate female travellers. You can tag them in your own travel posts for shares and get in touch to work with them.

There are plenty of amazing women sharing their globe–trotting adventures online. I follow them for tips and inspiration; both for new travel destinations and for insta/blog ideas. They are a great way to go beyond the guidebook. But you can also follow them just to swoon over their images and imagine what it would be like on that dreamy beach…Here’s to exploring the world!

Word By: Lydia Morgan
Instagram: @ourdreamsincolour


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