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Debut Dolls around the world: how to land a fashion internship in Paris

This week, #DebutDoll Batty – who hails from Paris – gives you her top tips for landing your dream internship in the fashion capital.

After high school, gaining work experience in the fashion industry was the first step for me. For me there was something incredibly exciting about travelling to another country for this. I knew it would be a totally different experience – the thrill of  travelling abroad coupled with trying your hand at your dream career.

Adrienne Bailon (the singer/actress and host of the talk show The Real) studied languages and fashion in Paris for 3 month and said this experience changed her life; she “found herself” she claims.

One piece of advice I give anyone thinking about an internship in another city is to go for it! After travelling abroad I found myself having a different point of view, I was more confident about my career choices, and felt braver and more self-assured.

Landing yourself an internship in Paris is no easy task – you will have to stay determined. There are a lot of opportunities, especially in the fashion industry – this is the fashion capital of the world after all! – but there is also a lot of competition. Sadly there is no magic trick to getting an internship, but here I’ve rounded up some tips that helped me and that will hopefully help you too:

  • Get organised early – getting a last minute internship will be difficult . You need to have a plan to succeed.
  • Do some research about enterprises in Paris and check social media a lot. Many brands are now using their Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts to advertise positions.
  • If you’re looking for a long term internship, a letter or contact from your school/university will make your search easier – it’s all about these connections and the networking. You would be surprised by who knows who. Personal connections are really the magic ticket for many interns but if you don’t have this then don’t fear! It is totally do-able without one.
  • Fashion Week is full of internships/work experiences opportunities . There is no better place than fashion week to find your dream position.
  • One last piece of advice: don’t give up! Don’t just email one organisation, send out hundreds of messages. You never know who is looking for ‘an extra pair of hands’ at that moment.

Good luck in your internship search!

Words: Batty Bathily

Instagram: @battybathily




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