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Debut Dolls around the world: 6 tips for creatives abroad


Living somewhere like Saudi Arabia doesn’t always sound that appealing from the outside. Living anywhere that is completely different or far away from home can be challenging. So why do so many do it? Why do they stay and what do they get out of it?


Moving to somewhere completely different can inspire in so many ways. Many expats find that dealing with the challenges of the move results in new found self-confidence and belief. Changing your surroundings and exploring an exciting, new culture can inspire creativity and new ideas. Gaining a new perspective on the world can change how you think, feel and work and lead to amazing things.


Often, a new country can open up a range of career opportunities. Job markets which are less saturated or still emerging are ideal locations for new faces to make a mark. Not only might your ideas be noticed more, but the support of an expat network can be a fantastic tool. Expats become family and support each other. Starting a new business or launching a new career in an unknown environment can seem scary but the expat community will rally round you and become an immediate fan-base and source of encouragement.


Expat living doesn’t just mean exploring a new home, it also makes travelling to other destinations easier. Whether it is because they have extra cash or because they have moved closer to a different of different countries, most expats get to do a lot of travelling. Who doesn’t love a holiday?


Making a move for financial reasons especially applies to Middle Eastern job postings, where tax is non-existent or minimal and the cost of living is often relatively low. Expats all around the world find that their salaries are higher or their outgoings lower, resulting in extra disposable income. This can be a real chance to save cash for family or an eventual move back home. There are also plenty of opportunities to flash the cash and live life to the max for a while.


Becoming an expat can feel like leaving a lot of friends behind. With Whatsapp and snapchat etc., expat life isn’t as removed from home as it once was, but it is still hard being away. However, the new friendships formed with other expats and locals can be brilliant. You end up being friends with people from all around the world. Strong bonds are formed when you are part of a community who rely on each other as family in a new country.


OK, so this may not apply to all destinations but there are plenty of sun-kissed global options to choose from. More tanning time by the pool is big plus in most people’s books!

Words: Lydia Morgan



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