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Why confidence is still the best accessory of all time

51KWljm1pPL._UX425_The greatest accessory, as cliché as it may sound, is ones self-confidence and the feeling of comfort outside your comfort zone. When a Supermodel poses for the cover of British Vogue or dons the latest Avant Garde creation on the catwalk she doesn’t just wear the clothes on her back, she becomes them. Self-confidence is a trait that can transform the way you look and feel in an outfit in which can easily be worn by anyone, however the trick is that it’s not worn by just anyone, it’s worn by you.

Lets start with posture; shoulders back, chin up, arm’s by your side and eyes forward. Small changes like this creates an uplifting presence around you, it tells others that your comfortable in your skin, that you carry a secret that they would love to know and for that one moment your are on everyone’s mind. Take two women and imagine them having the same exact outfit on; a plain white Tee, high-waisted mom jeans, pointed boot heels, and a pair of shades. Now, one has her head down, fidgets with her Tee and is slouching because she doesn’t believe in the look, she just becomes another warm body in the room.

Finally, imagine the second women head held high, hands casually laid on her hips and a leg slightly popped out, she becomes something that every spectator is after, she carries her pride on her back and all because she is comfortable, thus confident in the clothes that she is wearing. The greatest thing a woman can carry is her class, intelligence and confidence, embody that when wearing anything and you have the power of confidence working for you in all sorts of ways.

Granted, confidence is something that many women, girls, men, boys and everyone else in this world struggles with, but the key to carrying that trait with you in everything you do is to believe in yourself, believe in the dream and in this case: believe in the look. The way one can wear a simple over size T-shirt can be the difference between a killer look and a disaster. Carry it with an unapologetic attitude and you’ll feel the transformation, pair with edgy Doctor Martins and a pop of colour oversize sunglasses, a simple shoulder bag and that T-shirt just became the newest it-girl must have.

Using confidence to better your look starts with truly believing your ready to carry that with you, your soul and consciousness not only have the job of carrying insecurity, it also has the role of mending them. A secure woman will believe in her choices and most importantly believe in herself, start here and you’ll feel the change in anything you do. Your individuality will shine through with the accessory that will never go out of style, confidence.

Words: Dilpreet Taak

Instagram: @dilpreettaak


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