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How collaboration can further your career, according to a fashion student

A fashion students’ ultimate Debut guide to how collaboration can further your creatives career.

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A collaborative process in any type of industry is critical to self-growth and professional prosperity. In the fashion and creative industry, collaboration is key to any project, job and final product. A designer will work with a pattern maker, seamstress, fabric maker, photographer, stylist, bloggers and any other crucial role to push a collection. But what happens if you’re a student and perhaps can’t afford to collaborate on such a large scale?

Well, find common ground with those that understand the vision – you’re all in the same boat and more times than not, other creatives are happy to expand their portfolio.

Don’t be picky about who you work with. Everyone starts somewhere, and your project may be just the inspiration to unlock some creative genius.

Do your research. Even after one graduates or accomplishes a particular milestone there is still more to learn and even more to discover. Keep the education growing.

Create personal goals after coming out of the student routine. It may be daunting but it is gratifying. Collaborations will never stop being of crucial importance to the fashion-world, as we need each other’s skills to grow as a professional individual.

Be prepared to have creative differences. As individuals you will never have the same vision as the next person. It may be similar, however the process will most likely differ as we all work in unique ways. When creative differences do occur the most professional way of dealing with it is to establish ground rules on how you approach those differences – hear both sides and make the executive decision as a creative director.

The power of collaboration can change the course of your career in more ways than one can imagine, and allowing those connections to take place will grow your reach and generate a network worth having in your future career. Good Luck.

Words: Dilpreet Taak

Instagram: @dilpreettaak



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