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Breaking up with your job? The painful relationship no one talks about

Five signs it’s time to wave goodbye to your job (as heartbreaking as it may seem).

Honesty, inspiration, and loyalty are at the top of our checklists when it comes to prospective partners, and when we hit the jackpot it’s a forever-feeling.Why then, when it comes to our careers, our benchmark is satisfaction rather than heart-eye emojis? If thinking about your job induces as much cringe as thinking about your ex, it might be time to start romanticising your career.

1. Desire to cheat

Successful relationships are those which explore the unknown, embracing the fear of facing new challenges. Can you say the same for your career? If your needs aren’t being satisfied behind the desk, then why not dip your toe in the water of lust: evenings with an online marketing course or weekends away with a travel blog, perhaps? Whilst Debut doesn’t promote IRL cheating, if a love blossoms in the form of a side hustle, we won’t be mad.

2. The ick

Attraction is typically one of the first casualties of a flailing relationship. While the loss of attraction between partners may materialise as an unfulfilling sex life, for our job, it’s just plain unfulfilling. Writer Mandy Hale said “’too busy’ is a myth, people make time for the things that are really important to them.” So ask yourself, why does your corporate job make you snooze the alarm on weekdays, when your yoga class has you up at six on a Saturday? Look deep into the parts of your life that get you excited: whether that’s graphic designing in an evening or doing your finances on payday. Now envision a life where you got to do that all the time.

3. Your happiness isn’t No.1

Our generations invented prioritising ourselves, and knowing our value in our romantic lives. We’re good at asking ourselves “is this person who I really want?” Why don’t we implement this with our of work too? When the projects that used to have you all up all night, alive with the caffeine of inspiration turn emotionally draining, this is your sign for distance. When you’re all give and your company is all take, we have to reevaluate our perspective. When mental health and happiness comes at cost the of something that should fill you with joy, it’s time to ask yourself “is this job really what I want?”

4. They don’t see your worth

If you’re going through a nasty breakup, any friend will be happy to remind you that one day, you’re going to meet someone who sees all the smart, strong, and successful things in you that they do. And guess what? You deserve the same from your employer. When your feelings are dismissed, your accomplishments are suppressed, and you’re asked to change, you need to play your bestie’s voice over in the back of your head. “There are plenty of more fish in the sea” applies to your careers, too.

5. You can’t see a future together

As much as we love dating bad boys in our twenties, inevitably there comes a time where settling down is the more attractive option. Likewise, you might find yourself in a career that you enjoy, but can you see yourself there forever? Or at least another 10 years? If you want your boss to get down on one knee and ask you to manage your department, don’t be afraid to ask. If however, the thought fills you with dread, it’s time to move on.

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