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The skincare books your skin is crying for you to invest in

From Funmi Fetto’s Palette to Caroline Hirons’s Skincare, here’s all the skincare knowledge you’ll ever need.

Palette: The Beauty Bible for Women of Colour, Funmi Fetto

Having worked for major publications including British Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and British Glamour, Funmi Fetto’s credentials really can’t be overstated. Across her 20 years of experience as a fashion and beauty journalist, Funmi witnessed the beauty industry’s repeated failures towards black women and women of colour: from whitewashed shade ranges to Eurocentric sheet masks. Palette is a monumental curation of products, both cult and cutting-edge, authoritatively tailored towards black women and women of colour. The illustrations, by Spiros Halaris, consolidate Palette as the beauty bible.

Debut loves: ‘Good skincare like love, doesn’t have to hurt. It can tingle but if it burns, it’s no good’. Funmi Fetto
You can buy Palette here.

The Skincare Bible: Your No-Nonsense Guide to Great Skin, Dr Anjali Mahto

As one of the UK’s leading dermatologists (and ex-acne sufferer), Dr Anjali Mahto gets to the deliciously nitty gritty of skincare. Beauty nerds will rejoice at her forensic exploration of the skin’s structure and will stick around to read her takedown of the industries that create problematic ‘expert’ advice lurking on our social media feeds. If the thought of implementing a skincare routine fills you with dread (how many steps now!?) The Skincare Bible sets out morning and evening routine guides, which are adapted to suit all skin types.  

Debut loves: ‘The expensive product may look attractive in your bathroom cabinet, but is it really any better for your skin than the cheaper alternative? Not necessarily.’  Anjali Mahto

 You can buy The Skincare Bible here

Great Skin: Secrets the Beauty Industry Doesn’t Tell You, Ingeborg Van Lotringen

Previously Beauty Director at Cosmopolitan UK, Inge is widely recognised as setting a robust standard of beauty journalism, which includes holding brands accountable for their claims. With over 20 years’ experience of rigorously testing and researching skincare products, Inge’s encyclopaedic knowledge of skincare ingredients will soon have you distinguishing your tretinoin from your bakuchiol. Perhaps more importantly, Great Skin prioritises finding out what works for YOUR skin. Spoiler alert: it’s probably not cold cream. 

Debut loves: ‘You’re born with your skin type, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with its characteristics: the right skincare and lifestyle choices can seriously improve how your skin behaves’.  Ingeborg Van Lotringen 

You can buy Great Skin here.

Skincare: The Ultimate No-Nonsense Guide, Caroline Hirons

In 2020, Caroline Hirons made history with Skincare as it became the first beauty title to top The Sunday Times Bestseller chart in 18 years. The original skinfluencer, Caroline has worked every job in the beauty industry: from starting on the Aveda counter in Harvey Nichols to opening her own skincare consultancy. Caroline’s no bulls*** approach to skincare is refreshing (literally): micellar waters, pore strips and face wipes are among the products firmly told to ‘get in the sea’.   

Debut loves: ‘Do not complain about time taken to take care of your face. It’s your face’.  Caroline Hirons 

You can buy Skincare here.

The Beauty Brief: An Insider’s Guide to Skincare, Katie Service

As Editorial Beauty Director at Harrods, Katie Service is well-placed to understand the world’s obsession with luxury beauty. That didn’t stop her consulting leading experts in the beauty industry (including Florence Adepoju, founder of MDMflow, and Charlotte Tilbury) to create an utterly comprehensive guide to good skincare. Constanza Goeppinger’s illustrations in The Beauty Brief elevate it beyond mere beauty manual status. Indeed, the book’s stylish aesthetic will surely propel it to feature heavily across 2021 gift guides. Why wait till Christmas?

 Debut loves: ‘Integrating your skincare with your makeup is the fastest (and most long-lasting) route to incredible, glowing skin’.  Katie Service 

You can buy The Beauty Brief here

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