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Where to go for afternoon tea in London

I’d like to think of myself as a bit of an Afternoon Tea Connoisseur, after visiting a fair share in London my knowledge of a good scone is pretty good – even if I do say so myself. London really do have the best afternoon tea’s – after all – we did invent them!

Fun fact: Afternoon Tea’s were brought around after Anna the 7th Duchess of Bedford was said to have complained about having “that sinking feeling” during the afternoon. During the time, it was not uncommon for people to have only two main meals a day; breakfast and dinner. So, the solution for the Duchess was a pot of tea and a snack during the afternoon!

Now, these are just some of my favourite afternoon tea’s out of the ones I’ve visited so far, however there are so many more I still want to try!


Pret-a-Portea at the Berkley
This is my absolute favourite afternoon tea I’ve been to in London, which is pretty apparent as I’ve already been twice (and am not ruling out another visit). The fashion focused high tea is every fashionista’s dream with a clever twist on the known website “Net-a-porter” the tea includes lots of yummy foods based on the most recent runway fashion shows. The most recent time I went, there was the cutest Burberry trench coat biscuit (that was equally delicious)! Along with the lovely tea, is a setting just as lovely with gorgeous white marble every where (#instagramgoals). So, if you’re in London for only a short time and can only fit in one tea, I’d definitely recommend this one!
£52.00 per person

Mad hatter tea at the Sanderson
This afternoon tea is another one that really does have such a fun atmosphere. I visited this one with 4 friends for my 15th birthday and wouldn’t mind going back! The “Mad Hatters tea” is an Alice in Wonderland dream with ‘drink me’ potions, sugar cubes in a music box and chocolate ‘playing card men’ (yeah, definitely need to go back). Located just off Oxford street in the Sanderson Hotel, this tea is perfect for an afternoon with your girlfriends whilst sipping some very yummy tea’s – (if you go you have to try the ‘Strawberry & Cream’ tea!)
From £48 per person

Fortnum & Mason: The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon
Afternoon tea is a bit of a thing between my grandma and I, and this is the first one that she took me to. Unlike the other two I’ve mentioned, this one has no fancy theme and relies just on its yummy scones and sweet treats (which quite obviously works) so if you’re on the search for a traditional afternoon tea – this is the one! With gorgeous china, and the infamous shop just below where you can purchase the tea you tried during your afternoon rendezvous.
£44 per person

Sketch Tea Room
Pastel. Pink. Dream. is the only possible way to describe this afternoon tea. With a pink tinted light setting the tone, and pink velvet seats you really do feel like you’re living the barbie dream. Another cute touch, is of course the china which has ironically cute little messages like “forget about it” and “it’s not okay” then there is of course the yummy food from little finger sandwiches and scones (that are pretty high-up on the scone scale!) with cream and jam. And if you don’t fancy a herbal tea their hot chocolate is up to standard – or so i’ve heard!
£45 per person

So, have I got you craving scones? A few days in London… which afternoon tea will you be booking?

And to end this, I’ll leave you with one last –very important– question… Jam first or Cream first?

Words by Maija Lily
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