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5 ways to beat #WFH procrastination

‘Postpone this… Delay that…’ Procrastination during this time might be a result of a lack of motivation or worry about future uncertainties, but as we’ve all heard, it seems we’ll be coming out of lockdown soon and it’s time to put our skates on and work on all those tasks we’ve been delaying. So, we’ve put together our top 5 ways to overcome procrastination.

1. Make the rewards for tasks completed more immediate

As human beings, we are used to gravitating towards things that give us immediate gratification, which can stop us from achieving long term goals.  

A great example of this is working out, which a lot of us are guilty of avoiding. An immediate reward for this could be listening to your favourite album whilst exercising or even completing emails whilst getting a foot massage

2. Get organised

Sometimes all it takes is organising and prioritising what we need to do to bring some clarity to our task list. With larger tasks, try breaking it down into manageable chunks and sub tasks in order to make it less daunting, not forgetting to reward ourselves!

Here are some of our fave organisation Instagram profiles that will inspire you to get started:

3. Set deadlines

By giving yourself a set amount of time to complete a task, you are reducing the amount of time and space for procrastination to rear its ugly head and keeps focus on the task at hand.

A great way to do this is breaking down each hour into 15-minute chunks and cracking on. If you give yourself 4 hours to finish a task, make sure to stop after 4 hours as not to get discouraged and monitor what you managed to get done. 

4. Do the largest task first

First is always the worst! Whether it be tackling your inbox, giving a room a deep clean or even throwing out old items. The largest tasks are the ones we often put off because they are the jobs that require the most time, but by applying the tips above, completing them will give you peace of mind and the satisfaction in knowing it’s done.  

5. Hold yourself accountable

By outwardly saying you’re going to do something, even if it’s over the phone will give you a sense of accountability. It is known that when we are held responsible for something, we’re more likely to get it done. So even saying it out loud might be the push you need to get started. So, go forth and live your best life!

Let us know if any of these work for you and if you have any tips we’ve not mentioned that could work for us. Comment on our Instagram @debutmagazineuk


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