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Another rejection email? Here’s 10 ways guaranteed to make you stand out to employers

If you’ve been job hunting in the current climate you have probably opened your inbox to more than enough ‘After careful consideration’ or ‘Unfortunately you have been unsuccessful on this occasion and ‘We regret to inform you…’ It’s crap and at best makes us want to ignore our emails for the rest of the week! But in the name of resilience, we know giving up isn’t the answer. So, we’ve done some research on ways that can help you make yourself more employable, here’s our top 10:

Learn a new language

There are up to 7,000 different languages in the world, and whilst some may be more common than others, it is always going to be handy to know another language. You can be bilingual, trilingual, and multilingual. Being able to speak another language makes you more employable because businesses like having employees who can connect with others, outside of their usual clientele. Knowing languages like Chinese, Spanish, and German will not only make you more employable because of your language skills, but they’ll help improve your verbal communication, your grammar and knowledge of other cultures, #fantástico!

Get Qualified

If you have a hobby or a particular skill you want to improve and be able to show you are qualified in, there are many ways you can get official certification. Sites like Centre of Excellence and Open University offer a huge range of different courses, where you can achieve a diploma or accredited certificates. Completing one of these courses will make you more attractive to employers as it shows you’ve gone beyond your general education qualifications.

Online Courses

As mentioned above, there is a plethora of online courses available to you, and whilst some offer qualifications, others don’t but that’s not to say that you shouldn’t consider doing one. Sites like Reed, Udemy and FutureLearn offer courses in hundreds of subjects, which are sure to keep you busy during lockdown, #notbored. These courses will show your initiative, your skills, and your interest in the subject. All those three things are so important in making you more attractive to employers.


If you’re not on LinkedIn in yet, now is the time. You can create a whole profile based on you, sharing your qualifications, skills, and experience. It allows you to professionally network and it notifies you if there is a job opportunity in the industry that you’re interested in. By creating a LinkedIn profile, you will be more accessible to recruiters and jobs will be more accessible to you. You can also take on a range of free online courses to test your skills and make yourself appear more suited to hiring managers.

Make Some Noise

Blogs, or Vlogs are a great way to stand out and show employers you’re willing to go the extra mile. Now, it may seem a bit unprofessional and you may be thinking, surely employers won’t be interested in a blog? The truth is that by creating one, you are also creating a portfolio. They can be a place where you share your work and showcase your talent and because they are digital it makes it easier for employers to find your work.


Volunteering is an amazing thing to do to make yourself more employable because not only will it help those you volunteer for, but it will help you. It allows you to meet new people (perhaps some even in your industry), gain and develop skills, and get experience. There are sites like VolunteerMatch or Do-It that have made volunteering easy, and being able to demonstrate to an employer that you’ve volunteered shows that you care about others, and are willing to dedicate your free-time to doing something selfless.


Networking is a crucial part of finding a job, it puts you in contact with professionals in specific industries who could potentially become your employers, mentors or teachers. It allows you to meet other aspiring people in a certain field, and share your experience and knowledge. Networking will open up new opportunities for you and can make employers more aware of who you are, especially if you’re proactive. Come along to our next Mixer this summer and network with some industry professionals and other aspiring media/creatives, you never know where a new connection may lead.

Tidy Up Socials

We’ve heard this over and over again but when applying for a job you need to make sure you go through all your social accounts to see what type of impression you give off, an employer could search your name and instantly be flooded with information about you so make sure whatever you post publicly you’re happy with the world to see. Even your profile picture says a lot! You want to make sure you make a good impression before you even speak to the employer.

And finally…

Perfect Your CV

This is the first chance an employer gets to find out about you. You want to make sure that there isn’t anything irrelevant on it, make your CV look clean and easy to read. If an employer is just skimming through hundreds of applications, and your CV looks too busy, they’ll probably look through someone else’s first. It’s all about the impression you make, and the way you layout your CV and what you include can reveal a lot.

Unemployment has been at an all-time high so don’t get disheartened, keep applying, and upskilling, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and all these ways to making yourself more employable could make all the difference.



Abby Bathurst

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Fresh out of Sixth Form, and currently doing a BA (hons) Creative Writing degree Abby is building her writing portfolio, she created her own magazine for a project at Sixth Form and has her own blog WriteWatchWork - a lifestyle and entertainment blog, specialising in all things books, TV, movies, work and fitness. Abby is a regular writing contributor for Debut and covers topics on careers, relationships, fashion and entertainment as well as content for Debut’s social media. She describes herself as ‘music-loving, occasionally sarcastic, bookworm who has a tendency to scribble down all my thoughts, and get lost in fictional worlds’

Abby on writing for Debut:
“Writing for Debut has given me so much experience already and I’m excited to see what more it brings. I don’t just love writing – I am IN LOVE with writing! Debut has given me the opportunity and experience to write about lots of different things from careers, entertainment, lifestyle and fashion – all of which I have a passion for! And I can identify myself in Debut and their ethos; I’m a confident, chatty, bubbly ambivert who loves to read and express herself in writing, but who also loves to empower women, just like Debut!”

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