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The 90s trends we can’t stop thinking about

Let’s take a walk down memory lane (or just scroll your Instagram feed). It is undeniable – the 90’s are well and truly back.

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From the throwback Instagrams of Kate Moss, to the graphic t-shirts dedicated to retro classics (like Saved By The Bell), it is safe to say the 90’s are totally back. With a love of pop culture and the fashion faux pas of 20 years ago, it seems like today’s millennials are living in the 90’s – and we love it!

Chokers, high-waisted mom jeans, flannel shirts, cropped tops and space buns are all back in style! (We are especially loving the space buns – perfect for a summer music festival).

For many young adults today it was the 90’s that formed them; fashion, music and pop culture-wise. The music of artists like Brandy and Monica taught us how to feel empowered when fighting for our relationships, Madonna gave us our first taste of rebel love, and we found our first crush in young Leo and Johnny. Let’s not forget the modern-day girl power of the Spice Girls that has lead us to becoming empowered feminists today, sticking with our sisters and going after what we want. Memories of glitter spray, diamante denim and scrunchies bring back school discos of old and the days spent before hand preparing your ‘look’.

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It seems like the 90’s carried the best of music, fashion and TV – from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to the pop legends that gifted us That Boy Is Mine and Baby One More Time. No need to wonder why we’re all nostalgic for this decade then!

Who knows, perhaps in a couple of decades, 2017 will be the coolest year to copy!

Words: Dilpreet Taak

Instagram: @dilpreettaak


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