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6 reasons to consider travelling solo

Travelling is known to expand your mind, help you discover new cultures, and create amazing memories. But have you ever thought about going it alone? While it is wonderful to share experiences with family, friends or a loved one, travelling solo can be extremely healthy for your personal relationship.

Even if it is just a short weekend in Europe or a month long vacation in Asia anyone can do it, and although it may seem daunting organising a trip on your own, it can be extremely rewarding. Solo travel is suited to any personality and here are the reasons why you should discover some “me” time.

Confidence booster
Travelling alone will really boost your confidence and allow you to feel more empowered. You will learn to solve those minor travel hiccups alone, avoid sticky situations, and navigate travel plans or language barriers by yourself. We tend to compare ourselves with others and often find ourselves competing with other women. However solo travelling also allows you to feel independent, gives you a new sense of freedom and teaches you to love yourself.

Gain new perspectives
Solo travelling is an eye-opening experience; it allows you to break out of your comfort zone and experience things first hand. It lets you be aware of what is around you and lets you really delve into the culture you are faced with.

You will learn to trust your intuition and become better at making decisions
Being exposed to everything and not having a safety net will make you trust your gut instinct and practice trusting your intuition. Everything is completely up to you, so if you want to visit places that are busy and crowded or deserted and remote the choice is yours, and overall it will make your decisions in everyday life much easier.

You don’t have to rely on anyone
In life we assume that we can’t do certain activities alone. However taking yourself out for dinner or kayaking solo is perfectly normal and it offers a new outlook on life. Alongside this plans can sometimes change and going it alone allows you to extend your stay in the countries you love, or pick up and move onto the next city if you aren’t so keen.

Celebrate “me” time
You don’t have to feel guilty doing things you truly want to do. Every day we have to compromise and taking the time out to fulfil ourselves allows us to stay healthy and feel selfless. Being alone can seem scary but the more time you spend with yourself the more you learn about what you want and who you are. It lets you plan and focus on the things you want to do without having to compromise.

You will make friends along the way
You won’t spend the whole of your journey alone, but being alone allows you to meet local people and fellow travellers who may also be solo. It forces you to drop your barriers and strike up a conversation with others that you may not have spoken to otherwise. Alongside this it will lead you to hearing stories and learning things that you otherwise wouldn’t have gotten the chance to.

There is so much more you can do when you travel alone, and the satisfaction and sense of pride, accomplishment, and achievement you will feel when you do will make you realise that it was all worth it in the end. So what are you waiting for? Get planning your solo vacation!

Words: Georgia Knight
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