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5 ways to break a creative rut

Are you experiencing a deep creative rut? Well don’t worry because as creative individuals we all find it hard to get inspiration at times. Creative ruts can be different for everyone. If you’re a blogger you’re may be struggling with writing block. And for the fashion designers among us, you might be questioning if your collection is going in the creative direction you want it to. Even though we all suffer differently from creative rut’s, there are ways to get yourself out of them…

Go back to the drawing board

Sometimes it helps to  go back to the original reason of why you started your creative project. For example, why not go back to your original idea list, or have a look through the first few sketches you made before your ideas came to life. We can sometimes get caught up in the stress of creating a finished product and along the way forget about how excited we were to create the piece in the first place- which leads onto another great tip!

Change your surroundings

Make sure to remove all stressful things out of your creating space – this might sound obvious but it will distract you from the process of creating. Sometimes our surroundings can get boring, so why not bring some fun back into it. Paint the walls a different colour, or get some new funky décor. These are all little things that can make you feel brand new and could even help to give you a new perspective on your ideas, push the boundaries and do something more out of your comfort zone. Change can be good when you’re in a creative rut; try to do something  different from than norm.

Use Social Media

For all of its descriptions, it has to be said that social media can be a great source of inspriration. For example, the Pinterest is the perfect place for any visual or aesthetic project you can work on. The beauty of this platform is that you can find just about anything on there, no matter what form of art you do. You can sort things into categories which means that you can organise your headspace and plan on what to do next.

Take a break

If all else fails, walk away. It gives you time to think about what is holding you back, which is important because sometimes we need to take a step back to find what we want. But don’t worry, you will always come back to it, even if it’s in a few months. Meanwhile just focus on something else.

Creative ruts suck but you just need to keep a positive mind set. Idea’s will always come and go but your end goal will remain the same.

Let us know if you’ve been a creative rut recently and how you’ve broken out of it.




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