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5 ways to survive working two or more jobs

If you’re reading this, it’s very likely you have two or more jobs on the go. Whether that is a 9-5 and 6-late working on your creative pursuit or whether you’re working part time and taking on internships/studying. Chances are, you’re always on the go and have 10001 things on your mind at any one time.

Social media, and quotes on ‘female empowerment’ have conditioned us to believe that the only way to be a ‘boss babe’ or achieve success is to be on the go 24/7. To put the work in and to get up, dress up and show up. But the reality of it isn’t that simple. Working around the clock can lead to exhaustion, can affect your mental health and can eventually make you ill – unless you’re taking the right measures to ensure you put yourself first and don’t over do it.

Here at Debut, we’ve learnt the hard way that as much as we want to give 110% 24/7, its physically impossible. We all work day jobs and have other freelance projects on the side, so have to come up with ways to ensure we’re keeping our mental and physical health in check while working. Have a read of some of the actions we take to ensure we don’t burn all our energy and can survive doing it all!

Prioritise basic needs – When you’re always busy and have an endless to do list. It’s hard to make time for simple things like breakfast, life admin etc. We tend to have a habit of leaving those seemingly ‘unimportant’ things to the end. Instead, try and tick those off your to-do list first – that way you’ll feel more energised (breakfast) and have sorted all the annoying little life admin you need, allowing you to work on your creative pursuits in peace. 

Set a routine – If you haven’t already, this is one way that has helped us organise ourselves and get on with the endless tasks we have to get through. What does your normal day consist of? Can you stick to a daily routine that allows you to get through your tasks without feeling like you have too much on?

Allocate your time wisely – They say we can make time for everything we want to, and to some extent its true, as long as you’re choosing your time wisely. How much time have you allocated to each task? Do you need to wake up earlier/stay up later? What tasks can you do on your commute? What could you get done quicker?

Make time to relax – This has to be one of the most important things on the list and probably the one that always gets over looked. Taking time out to do something relaxing will help decrease stress and forget about work/career/school for a while. Whether it’s reading, exercising, shopping or catching up with friends, don’t feel guilty for taking a break.

Set realistic targets – Being honest about how much you can achieve is key to making sure you make progress. Start off with small steps and don’t set unrealistic targets that will only make you get stressed when trying to reach them. 

We’d love to hear what you do to survive working two or more jobs. Comment under our post on IG to feature. @debutmagazineuk


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