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5 personality traits every creative needs to get hired in 2021

Because it can be done 

“Remember to make an impression!” is always a solid bit of career advice. Except it’s not really possible right now, is it? Gone are the days of cute coffee dates and ‘popping in’ to your favourite store to talk face-to-face about potential vacancies. For now, it’s all about adaptability and we’ve got just the thing. While there’s no need to change your fabulous personality, there’s also no harm in exploring these personality traits that are destined to get you hired in 2021.  

  1. Get savvy 

Now that our working worlds have moved online, a firm hand-shake is no longer a sure-fire way to make an impression. Coming across as the employee they never had should be top of your priorities. A well-lit, peaceful space, and a microphone to address the nation, and you’re good to go. Get tech-savvy. That way if something does happen to go wrong with your tech, you know how to fix it to continue the smooth, albeit slightly robotic interview. And if you’re potential employer has some issues, just imagine the brownie points if you could help them out.  

  1. Get organised 

There is a myth that creative people tend to be a bit scattered (we can probably thank Phoebe Buffay for that one). The phrase ‘organised chaos’ certainly comes to mind. Pitches, follow-ups, calling that employer to enquire, invoices and keeping track of your money are skills you should definitely brush up on. You’ll thank yourself later. The great thing is that there is no ‘one-way’ to do it; build a work-tracker that looks appealing to you, bullet journal, to-do lists, notifications in your phone? All ways to stay on top of your game..  

  1. Get edgy  

Why should the employer choose you? Because you have edge. If you’re a graphic designer, do you also have a marketing background you can use to get your work (and the client’s business) more exposure? If you’re a marketeer, do you also have the specialist product knowledge to know what is selling right this second? We take inspiration from amazing business owners such as Brazen Botanydesigned and hand-made plants by Caroline Byrne. We think being a plant business, and not selling real plants is pretty edgy.  

Check out Brazen Botany on Instagram @brazen_botany 

  1. Be adaptable 

The pandemic has forced many businesses to think outside the box and do things differently.  Your favourite London Soho restaurant best known for their dreamy aesthetic is now delivering meal boxes to cook at home; the marketeer’s dream of having their work plastered on the side of a bus has been transformed into digital domination. Now is the time to invest in yourself, up-skill and finesse your craft.  

5. Time 

Time? Of course we all want more time. But how much time do you actually take for yourself? Looking after your mental health is super important, and lockdown or no lockdown, a creative career can be very lonely. If you aren’t prioritising self-care and putting aside chunks of the day to recharge your batteries then burn-out can take hold.  



Bex Thackery

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From years of experience to build up her career in fashion product managing, for all-time favourite brand Dr. Martens, Bex had what she would like to call “a quarter life epiphany” and switched gears to set sail onto the long road ahead of editorial writing.

Having written for a variety of magazines such as Eden Zine designed for young entrepreneurs where she explored the digital disguise of social media, to returning several times to resident at The Bower Monologues, a publication created and written by women through the female psyche, where she explored a personal viewpoint on escaping rituals, Bex now finds herself at the home of Debut.

Being a feminist, creative, lifelong tomboy, and fashion lover, Bex is inspired to write about, interview and explore the wonders of like-minded people and their creations. Whilst obsessed with fashion, she’s not afraid to fiction: Bex’s blog is a trip into the eye of the beholder. Exploring love, relationships, fashion and weekly anecdotes, her personally-branded “personal exposé” is just the start of a lifetime of stories. Bex is an old, hopeless romantic without the fear to dive head into water of the intriguing unknown.
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