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5 questions that media students are sick of answering

Media related subjects are commonly referred to as Mickey Mouse courses by those who study *cough cough* serious degrees, whatever that means! Media students always get such a hard time, due to the fact that most people believe our degree is easy and we watch films in lecturers, take pictures and write blogs. (DISCLAIMER: This is not true, believe it or not we do actually do work!)

Here are just some things us media students/grads wish people would stop asking us:

gif-3Why did you decide to study media?
Would you ask a law student why they decided to do law or would you ask a doctor why they chose to do biology? No you wouldn’t. So why do you feel the need to ask us. We studied it because we have an interest in the media. 

What can you do with a media degree anyway?”
I use to hate when people ask me this, but I believe I have formulated the greatest response to this question. Simply respond with ‘Try and name a company that doesn’t use or require some sort of media assistance’ and watch the persons face drop. Nearly every company, business or firm use the media. So the question is not what can you do with a media degree, but what cant you do?

So do you want to be on TV and that?
Like really? You mean to tell me when you found out someone did media the first thing that came to mind was ‘being on TV’. The media is such a broad field, so for anyone to assume that we all want to be on TV is just ignorant.

“Like do you even write essays?”
It’s hilarious to think that some people really think that we just go to lectures and watch films and take pictures, like c’mon guys let’s get real here. Our course is just like every other course we write essays, do presentations and take exams like every other student.

“Are there even jobs for media graduates?”
This one definitely tops them all. Unless you are living under a rock I am sure you are aware that the media industry is forever growing and with this growth comes various new job positions and career paths for us media grads to venture into. So we appreciate your concern (sprinkled with ignorance) but we will cope just fine in the job market thank – you very much.

So if you have asked any media student or grad this question chances are they have beat the urge to start arguing and have instead opted for the fake smile route. If you’re not sure about what media students do just ask, we don’t bite guys I promise!

Words: Lateefah-Jean Baptiste 
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  1. Great post! i’m a Media student and its scary how frequently we are asked these ignorant and patronizing questions. Good job

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