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21 beautiful magazines to subscribe to

There are thousands of magazines to choose from these days – but sometimes you just need a bit of inspiration. Here are 21 beautiful and visually pleasing magazines you should be reading right now.

  1. 032c – This one is a combination of fashion and art, published twice a year and now on it’s 30th issue (issue No fear), this alluring magazine doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon.
  2. Twin – The “older sister” publication to Lula magazine, Twin is a hardcover magazine that looks more like a beautiful book than a magazine.
  3. lula-kellymittendorfLula – A stylish magazine with nostalgic flair, pretty pictures help make up each of the Lula magazine issues.
  4. Beauty Papers – A magazine giving beauty “a brave new face” away from the superficial pages of what we are told beauty ‘should be’, this magazine is a refreshing break from what we know and will make you challenge what you think beauty is.
  5. Suitcase – The perfect magazine to look at before planning your next adventure! You have been warned though, you may want to travel the world after buying a copy of Suitcase.
  6. Glass – Glass is a magazine that seems to cover so many topics, everything from design to beauty, to fashion and even books. There is something for everyone to read in Glass magazine.
  7. Moon – A relatively new discovery of mine, Moon magazine is one that I will be reaching for whenever I need inspiration, it’s visually stunning and has so many creative shoots that you will never be lost for ideas when looking through Moon.
  8. Sunday Girl – Only on Issue 3, this magazine was created for the ambitious and creative women.
  9. Because – Perhaps one of the most interesting ways to view a magazine is by using the new scan to shop app that coincides with the technology that is built into the pages of Because magazine. Either way it’s fun to do and worth a try especially if you love looking at things in a different way.
  10. Oh comely – A bi-monthly magazine full of stunning imagery, mischief and fun.
  11. British Girls – A magazine curated to celebrate British girls and the attitudes that go with being a young British girl.
  12. Zeum – Another girly magazine, this time it’s been put together by creatives for creatives and believe you me: it’s creative.
  13. Love – One you have probably heard of for good reasons, LOVE is a bi-annual British fashion magazine known worldwide with Katie Grand as Editor-In-Chief.
  14. Wonderland – A magazine different to the usual Dazed, Tank etc because it’s got a somewhat unique voice behind it. Their articles aim to challenge and entertain without being too forward about it – a useful read for anyone who likes in-depth articles.
  15. Arcadia – A magazine for those who love luxury whether that be travel or fashion, this magazine is for you.
  16. Dansk – Apparently “the most independent fashion magazine” ! Whilst we’ll leave you to decide on that one, there’s no doubt that it is exquisite – so it’s definitely worth a look.
  17. Off black – A huge publication (in size), it’s elegant imagery and creative quotes merge perfectly together to create a one of a kind publication.wylde-magazine
  18. Wylde – A bi-annual, fashion, image and interview magazine, Wylde is one that not many have heard of, but you really need to have a look as they have such a mix of emerging talents as well as luxury ones featured within.
  19. CR Fashion book – By Carine Roitfeld, this is a luxury fashion magazine that everyone working in fashion must own at some point. A go-to book for all that is stylist.
  20. Caboodle – A little bit more fun, caboodle is light-hearted and pretty so if you’re looking for something more entertaining than the usual VOGUE’s, maybe try out an issue of Caboodle.
  21. And of course, Debut Magazine! Buy our latest copy here.

Words: Gabriella Tavani
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