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10 reasons to start writing a bucket list

Whether you are fed up or feeling on top of the world, there is ALWAYS room for more adventure in your life! #DebutGirl and writer Vicky Jones (who is currently half way through her own Bucket List) tells us why everyone should start their list today…

To get through a rough time160bb0acf1bcd987a7759799845382a6

This was the number one reason I started my 300 strong bucket list. I was in the clutches of depression. I felt my life was going nowhere. I was tired of reading self-helps books that said ‘join a club’ etc. I didn’t want to see anybody! I made a list of places I could go where I wouldn’t bump into anybody I knew so I could really do this for myself. Before I knew it I had a list of  small things such as ‘become an organ donor’ and ‘name a star after yourself’ that involved zero interaction and were easy to tick off. Soon enough, my sense of achievement started to flicker. Then the list started to grow…

To discover talents you never knew you had!

Who knows where something may lead? Everybody says they have a book in them right? So on my list, it had ‘write a fiction novel’. I’m the process of writing  my first book titled: ‘Meet Me At 10′ and already, because I’ve loved the process so much, I have half a dozen more books planned! Who knows, you may add ‘do a skydive’ to your list and then end up becoming a skydiving instructor!

Explore, Explore, Explore…

The world is such a small place. I’ve found my best adventures have been in little known, or the more obscure places  like Cambodia, Vietnam and Iceland. But a real gem of a find was Lake Bled in Slovenia; not the usual place for a holiday, but the scenery was stunning. Don’t be afraid to go off the beaten track. Stay safe though and don’t take unnecessary risks!

To Learn

Learning to play the guitar, piano or glockenspiel maybe on your list. You may want to learn another language fluently, so why not take it one step further and visit that place, who knows who you may meet! How beautiful would it be if you were to say, learn sign language and communicate with somebody who is hard of hearing and find out a little bit about them and their life? Your world can really open up with learning new skills. For example, I’m now studying for a degree simply because I added it to my Bucket List!

To bring adventure back into your liferoad-trip1

Nothing is off limits when you write a Bucket List; there is no special occasion for doing something – but rather it’s just doing something from your list that ‘makes’ it special. If you fancy abseiling, do it! If you want try windsurfing, have a go! One of my goals was to climb the biggest mountain in the UK, Mount Snowdon. And guess what, I did it! The great thing about your bucket list that there are no set rules. People will love your sense of adventure and drive to do all the things that you have dreamed about so why not invite them along for the ride.

To satisfy curiosity

How do I put this? There is another type of ‘list’ that you could make. I call it the ‘black list’. The list that you don’t tell many people about. Have you ever wanted to get ‘romantic’ in certain places, trying new things that before you have only thought about? I’ll leave that with you…

To never run out of conversation!

If you’re shy and not the greatest conversation starter, his problem will vanish once you become a bucket-lister, trust me! I have found that people are generally supportive and envious that you are going out living the life you want. At parties, on the bus, at the airport, conversation will always flow once you start asking them what would be on ‘their’ bucket list.

To meet people

Whether you intend to or not, you will start coming across the most interesting people when you start bucket-listing. On a recent European trip visiting 7 countries, I met people from all ages and all backgrounds who I have since kept in touch with. They absolutely fascinated me with their stories, struggles and reasons for travelling.

To become a kid again

You want to get covered head to toe in mud? (on my list) Do it! You want to fly a kite as an adult (did it) go for it! Eat ice cream for breakfast (Yeah, I did that too) . As I said before, there are no rules! Become a kid again, put it on that list, and get silly.

To get out of your comfort zone

The fun happens outside your comfort zone and how far you want to go is up to you. I’m scared of spiders, so couldn’t believe that I actually ticked off ‘hold a tarantula’ on my list. But it doesn’t have to be as dramatic as that. If you can only run a couple of miles, put on your list that you want to sign up for a for 5k race. I came out of my comfort zone slowly, but it’s important that you go at your own pace. I can genuinely say there are no downsides to being a Bucket-Lister!

Words: Vicky Jones

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